What vision is held by the youngsters of the World?

by Mireille Bertrand

What vision is held by the youngsters of the World?

Two visions blend together and supplement each other around the Universal: a geographical, technical vision associated with a profoundly-optimistic, philosophical and humanist vision .

International, global, world — all underline the obvious planetary trait of the Universal. The Universal concerns humanity, touches on infinity, on what goes beyond the local dimension of our lives. The Universal may well be beyond our reach, but it also embodies everything that brings us together, everything we have in common to live together in an ideal of unity, peace and fraternity open to diversity . Diversity, tolerance and global co-exist, well away from any uniformisation (the word was never used and unification was only used once), in an area of freedom and trust. Universality as perceived by the youth of the world is expressed through respect for cultures, inclusion and collaboration .

Sharing stands out amongst all these perceptions, the most frequent value evoked by the youngsters to illustrate universality. This word choice, portraying simultaneously the ideas of pooling and acting, underlines that action is necessary to experience the optimistic, generous and diverse universality outlined by the youngsters.

Advocated by the “Millennials”, initiatives in the sharing economy, the solidarity economy can embody the first of these actions and levers for progress through a combination of cutting-edge technology, human relations and encounters .

Universality is built up by working together to protect and share the world’s diversity, the local, tangible, intangible, cultural or artistic wealth, not by being inward-looking but, quite the contrary, opening your arms wide to the world.

The youngsters focused on a restricted cluster of values to illustrate that universality — demonstrating their differences and their diversity — comes nowhere near conjuring up a limited vision or ambitions. Quite the opposite. It illustrates the pre-eminence of these essential values and the need to nurture them all over the world.


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