Bruno David
Carlos Moreno
Tourism issues and universal values

by Jean-Christophe Fromantin
General Delegate of Forum on Universal Issues

The culture of travel is authentically here
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"Water, air, shape, space, time and silence (...) universal values of the 21st Century" - Carlos MORENO, University Professor, to the Council of Europe, on 9 April 2019
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Biodiversity: A shared asset for the humanity - under threat

by Bruno David
President of the French National History Museum

Evoking universality immediately projects our planet as an emblem of this asset shared by all.
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Is the world capable of universality? What challenges and roles for communication?

by Dominique Wolton
Research director at CNRS

The Sociologist, Dominique Wolton, suggests dealing with these questions by querying the existence of values and the ability to transcend the differences and special interests to find the common good of mankind.
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What vision is held by the youngsters of the World?

by Mireille Bertrand

Two visions blend together and supplement each other around the Universal: a geographical, technical vision associated with a profoundly-optimistic, philosophical and humanist vision .
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