How do you define the universal? What are the projects for you? the initiatives to carry out to better carry these values? This space is your space, be free to bring your visions and your ideas!
Art is universal

by Martin, le 14/11/2019

Art is universal in the sense that we need it as a description of our lives,our fears and our hopes: whether culturally very different or full of cultural references, art is the trace that is left behind that helps us understand civilisations and how people lived, loved and died. We all have different ideas about how we should live our lives but we all have to live on this planet together and we are all dependent on the earth and its resources and despite how connected we have become through global technology we need to be connected through universal values and not just though high spped cables.

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Universal is the future of humanity

by Thomas, le 04/07/2019

Nowadays, we live in a world in a constant evolution. But we need to take time to ask an important question : what are the most common values we want to give to our children? I personally think that there are many universal values that every people in the world should share with the others. These values can be education (every people should have a common level of education), ecology (all the citizens in the world don't have the same resources), mutual aid (give assistance to people into danger), and many other values Universal is not a notion reserved for the others, it is a value that we all need to have in common. Universal can only be built if each citizen can do its bit.

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Why You Should Care?


We´ve worked throughout the existence of the human being to the date in order to resolve our problems so that our life can be easier and yet, we are facing major problems that we have and would not identify at the beginning of our existence, in fact, despite our advanced technology, we are going to our decay, every second we seem to be nearest to it. It is shame how many people do not seem to be aware of it or just simply do not care, however, I´m glad we are starting to act under a social pressure, being threatened by climate change. It is time we all stand up and as a citizen of the planet earth we should start living in a more sustainable way, we should start utilizing the universal values, we should be creating laws that can condemn acts that threatened our planet. It is time, our future generations deserve it.

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Could Universal Values Fix Our Broken World?


The world seems to be getting worse and worse; wars, human rights violations, poverty, violence, global environmental issues, health, education global issues and etc. Our world is shifting and going through a major transition. We are in the middle of that chaos right now. However, this is actually one of the most exciting times to be alive when we look at things from a higher perspective. We all chose to be here for this and it is important to lift ourselves out of the drama that is being played out on the global stage. We can be observers as we watch our old paradigm falling apart and we can be active in visualizing and meditating for the New Earth. We’re shifting from duality to unity the list goes on and on. If it is not moving backward in respect to human rights and universal values, but is it really as bad as it all seems? It is appropriate that the universal values accepted by all people on this earth and not limited by ethnicity, race, region, culture, religion or other groups. Universal values consist of humanity, peace, respect, responsibility, happiness, freedom, tolerance, corporation, love, unity and diversity. So we are looking for the Universal values to fix our broken world. Together we can fix it.

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The Same Language

by DARIELA, le 09/10/2018

There are many languages on the planet, some of them more common and functional than others. UNI, unit, Versal of the word verse, a set of words that form a poem. Yes! A poem that identifies us as a universe, as humanity, as unit. I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn a second language, in my country, for example, that is not possible until now. For that reason, our youth loses many opportunities for development. That is regrettable. I would like governments to see the importance of offering bilingual education in public schools.

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