Could Universal Values Fix Our Broken World?


The world seems to be getting worse and worse; wars, human rights violations, poverty, violence, global environmental issues, health, education global issues and etc. Our world is shifting and going through a major transition. We are in the middle of that chaos right now. However, this is actually one of the most exciting times to be alive when we look at things from a higher perspective. We all chose to be here for this and it is important to lift ourselves out of the drama that is being played out on the global stage. We can be observers as we watch our old paradigm falling apart and we can be active in visualizing and meditating for the New Earth. We’re shifting from duality to unity the list goes on and on. If it is not moving backward in respect to human rights and universal values, but is it really as bad as it all seems?
It is appropriate that the universal values accepted by all people on this earth and not limited by ethnicity, race, region, culture, religion or other groups. Universal values consist of humanity, peace, respect, responsibility, happiness, freedom, tolerance, corporation, love, unity and diversity.

So we are looking for the Universal values to fix our broken world.
Together we can fix it.

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